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The Tinder of Real Estate: New Podcast 'Unlisted' Drops Friday

Ready to mutually swipe right on that new house of your dreams? The folks over at It's New Orleans know you're tired of sellers digging on you but magically becoming unavailable by the time you hit the first date — erm, open house. Throw that Tinder metaphor in the fire and let Unlisted be your matchmaker. The premise of the podcast is beneficial to buyers and sellers: homes not yet on the market (some for sale by owner properties, even!) in New Orleans are discussed, described, and run through the ringer by host and local broker Andy Severino.

Interested listeners get dibs on quality properties, for once knowing exactly what they're getting into when they get in touch with Unlisted to see exactly what's been discussed. Those selling their homes get to streamline the process. Sparks may fly and, if all goes according to Severino's plan, a home may be snatched up before it even hits the market at all. Get your home-buying on this Friday, February 6th when Unlisted drops its debut episode.

Unlisted Website