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Is North Rampart Community Center on the Auction Block?

[UPDATE:] It appears that the auction for 1040 Gov Nicholls St has been cancelled. As per City Source: The sale of this auction has been cancelled. It is not available for bidding and is no longer part of a sale.This typically occurs because the tax payer made a payment to satisfy their delinquency.

It pains us to say, but it looks like an approximately 92 year old Spanish Revival complex on the edge of the French Quarter is on the auction block. 1040 Gov Nicholls is part of the North Rampart Community Center, more formally located at 1130 N Rampart St. According to Civic Source, a full $231,021.14 of taxes are currently owed, putting this auction item as the third most expensive out of over 4,000 properties under the tax certificate auction designation, not to be confused with the city's latest unveiling of tax adjudicated properties.

The nonprofit center at 1130 N Rampart offers summer camps and after school programs and was established nearly a decade and a half before its current complex was built. This parcel was once the St Mark's Community Center and its 1040 Gov Nicholls address once served as the city's first of two Gateway "School Without Walls" in the 1970s, an alternative high school that utilized community experts to enhance the learning experience, which took students all over the city in addition to their French Quarter home base.

So, what's the future look like for this unique property? We're about to find out — 1040 Gov Nicholls hit the auction block just this morning at 8am.
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