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Micro 192 Square Foot Vignie House Condo Hits the Market

A super small 192 square foot condo in a 182 year old home has hit the market. 715 Royal St advertises itself as more a pied a terre than a year-round residence, though it makes impressive use of its close quarters. A loft bedroom, regal bathroom, and amenities that include a sound system and television certainly ties things together, though there appears to be no kitchen. It's the location that truly sells this home — 715 Royal St overlooks the back of Jackson Square. If you can afford it and hate cooking, this small unit in one of three Vignie Houses will set you back $249K.

The Vignie Houses, a row of three homes with just as many stories located at the corner of Royal St and Orleans Ave, were built in 1833 by Gurlie and Guillot for Colonel Jean Baptiste Benjamin Vignie. Vignie played a major part in the French Revolution but it is his son, Jules, who most people remember. Jules was an "eccentric" and a hoarder who called the LaLaurie Mansion his home nearly five decades after it had been sold following Delphine LaLaurie's sadistic actions against her slaves. Jules died there surrounded by filth and wealth unbeknownst to many, as he'd been merely a squatter and not its owner. The Vignie Houses are not haunted (as we know of) and reflects architecture of the same era as the LaLaurie Mansion, the latter of which was rebuilt just four years after the Vignie Houses following a devastating fire.

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