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French Quarter Condos at 1200 N Rampart St Seeking Buyers

Two condos at 1200-1206 N Rampart St have already hit the market despite being unfinished. The first condo is an upper level one bedroom with a balcony and one and a half bath packed into just 586 square feet of space. 1206 N Rampart St B promises stellar views of the streetcar once construction finishes and it makes its way up the street. Asking price? $269,500.

The two bedroom unit at 1204 N Rampart St may not have its own balcony but it does have a private patio. This 614 square foot condo only has one bathroom, though with such a cramped floor plan, it would be pretty difficult to imagine space for anything extra. 1204 N Rampart St just had an open house this past weekend, hitting the market at $307K. We've got photos of both and a poll at the end of this post that simply begs the question which condo would you choose?

Here's the interior of 1206 N Rampart St #B:

And here's what 1204 N Rampart St looks like:

Poll results

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