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Live in the "Fabrough Marigey," So Says Craigslist-Like Listing

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Craigslist may have finally been bested. A frustrated reader passed along this listing for a property in the "FABROUGH MARIGEY," along with a note that "this is how out of towners get duped into buying properties that they would not have, had they known the truth." Fabrough Marigey is a brilliant misspelling of Faubourg Marigny, of course, but in all reality, 1741 Desire St is located in the Upper Ninth Ward. This sadly abused foreclosure property could make a great three bedroom, two bath for a family invested in fixing it up and reaping the benefits of a newly renovated Arise Academy, also on the up and up and within walking distance. If you can see past the laziness of this listing and are in the market single-family home, the $63,400 price tag may look mighty fine in the face of comparable, already renovated listings asking well over four times that amount.
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