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$799K Gets You Fully Renovated Carrollton Three Bedroom

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7428 Maple St is a truly spectacular home if you get past the grandiose copy of its listing. This fully renovated camelback includes an impressive amount of counter space in its kitchen as well as a "breakfast bar for al fresco dining." Unless all those recessed ceilings somehow align to form a retractable roof, you may be out of luck in the al fresco department. Still, there's plenty of nature in the home to make you feel as though you're at least partially outdoors. An elaborate tile shower includes what appears to be wheat grass growing and ogling you just above the glass door. This three bedroom, three bath home spans one and a half stories and includes an additional, smaller kitchen upstairs. $799K gets you 2,802 square feet of fully renovated home that you don't have to do the work on. Is it a worthwhile investment?

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