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PRC's Annual Shotgun Home Tour Celebrates the Irish Channel

The Preservation Resource Center took to the Irish Channel this past weekend for their annual shotgun home tour. Curbed NOLA's own Alison Moon was there to take in the sights, sounds, and seriously beautiful homes. After the jump, we've got photos and info on all seven featured homes.

906 Washington Ave:
Owners: Emily Cosper and Brian Huddleston.
Info: This 1,300 square foot house was built in 1902 and maintains most of the original brick fireplaces and wood floors. Emily and Brian have added an array of bold colors and eclectic art to the walls. One room even features a yellow wall covered with masks.

824 Washington Ave.:
Owners: Aaron and Rachel Hall Taravella.
Info: This Creole cottage is 3,600 square feet. Architect Rachel managed to maintain the original 1840's front door placing it in the kitchen as the pantry door.

816 Washington Ave.:
Owners: Larry and Julie Robinson.
Info: Built around 1850, Larry began renovating his home around 1990. Major renovations have begun recently which include adding a garage, mudroom, library and laundry room.

808 Washington Ave.:
Owners: Valorie Hart.
Info: This 120 year old, 2,200 square foot house used to be an orphange. After the death of her husband, Valorie created a unique floor plan allowing it to become two separate units by closing off certain doors.

939 Sixth St.:
Owners: Martin and Taylor Pospisil.
Info: This Irish Channel home was renovated from a double into a single by previous owners. There is a rental unit accessible through the back courtyard.

808 Eighth St.:
Owners: Emily and Mario Madero.
Info: After trying to renovate a home in the Treme that got destroyed after Katrina, homeowners Emily and Mario decided they needed a different neighborhood. The children's room is wallpapered with flavor paper — a yellow stencil design with unique patterns featuring a fire hydrant, rats and parking meters.

1240 Eighth St.:
Owners: Matt Bernstein and Bonnie Dye.
Info: This three bedroom, two bath is the last in the line of identical houses built in the 1880's. It was renovated in 2013 and remains a double with the owner's having access to the camelback.