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$575K Gets You A Restored Shell Of A Home, But A Nice Shell

Just six years ago, 1800 Second St was racking up "minimum property maintenance" violations like it was going out of style. And long before that, the home was on its way to blighted status, suffering damage from a fire in 2003 after an arsonist wrecked havoc on the area. After an ambitious effort to clean up and restore the proposed four bedroom, three and two half bath building and is setting it free on the market. While certainly expensive to rehab a 3,000 square foot building, the asking price of $575K still feels a bit hefty given the fact that its interior is "a solid box with open walls, poised for custom build out," so says the listing. Is all that hard work worth the price tag?

Here's 1800 Second St before renovations:

Here's what it looks like now:

Poll results

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