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Did Anyone Rent This Fairgrounds One Bedroom For $500/Night?

A reader wrote in asking for a neighborhood showdown between MidCity and the Fairgrounds because it's Jazzfest. It's a stellar idea if there were any viable Fairgrounds spots for rent. Though the listing the reader passed on is phenomenal — a spacious three bedroom, three bath reno for $2,300/month — the closest we could find turned out to be a temporary Jazzfest rental for a whopping $500/night. 2857 Grand Rte Saint John St draws you in with its $1,500 designation but things quickly devolve from there. If you want to be stumbling distance from the fairgrounds, apparently you're going to have to pay quite the pretty penny. This rental required a minimum four nights the first weekend and five nights the second for a cumulative total of $4,500 for a one bedroom, one bath 800 square foot rental. So, um, did anyone take the renters up on this steep offer? Let us know in the comments if it was worth it. Please.
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