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Units Available in Uptown Orphanage-Turned-Anne Rice Home, Including $4.9 Million Chapel

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If you're not a poor kid yourself you might be interested in the St. Elizabeth Condos, a former orphanage that later housed New Orleans' own spooky scribe Anne Rice (it was among her many New Orleans homes). With its history of housing orphans and a lady who has been known to be transported via coffin, there has to be ghosts in this place, right? Three units are up for grabs: the most grand unit, going for a cool $4,950,000, used to be a chapel and still has terrifying church amenities, including giant stained glass windows ("copious stained glass abound," says the listing), "unheard of" 24-feet ceilings, crown molding crosses, and Godly white counters that look like altars, and is "fit for a celebrity or business titan" and also "jetsetters," according to the effusive listing. The other two available units are $795,000 (one bedroom, two and a half bathrooms; 1,782 square feet) and $689,500 (two bedrooms, two bathrooms,1,511 square feet) for those who want the grandeur without the God overtones. · 1314 Napoleon Ave. Unit 16
· 1314 Napoleon Ave. Unit 20
· 1314 Napoleon Ave. Unit 21