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Amid Budget Cuts, LSU Still Building Badass Lazy River

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Although draconian state budget cuts threaten to whittle Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge down to nothing, the party school is putting the "fun" in underfunded: LSU is still getting a massive pool and "lazy river" in the shape of the school's initials as part of a recreational facilities overhaul, according to Huffington Post.

Sure, funding for rec center renovations come from students, who voted to increase recreation fees in 2011, and not taxpayers. But still, it's a little weird as the Louisiana state legislature ponders a possible $600 million cut to higher education, which could force LSU to lay off faculty and cut academic programs, that the school moves forward in becoming more like a Hilton. Provided there's still a school left, the project is slated to be complete in Fall 2016. Meanwhile, we're thinking of going back to undergrad.

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