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Marigny Victorian Has Black and Red Toilets, Going for $775K


We're not sure what's going on with the walls in 2508 Dauphine St. From here, the pale cream colored textured walls in some of the rooms downstairs looks a little like Hildi's garish straw walls from the pioneering home makeover show Trading Spaces. Besides the mystery texture in those rooms, interesting details abound in this three-story Marigny double gallery: exposed brick in the kitchen, a spiral staircase, a wood bar with what appears to be beer taps, and perhaps my favorite amenity, a red toilet with matching shower and sink, topped off with gold handles on everything. Oh, and it doesn't stop there: On the third floor, which seems made for a renter, there's what looks like an unfinished bathroom with a black toilet, sink and Jacuzzi-style tub—on carpet. The house seems like the kind of place where a nice old couple who are secret swingers—not that there's anything wrong with that—would live. The asking price for the weird and wonderful Victorian? $775,000. · 2508 Dauphine St.
· Trading Spaces and Finding an Unlikely Queer Icon in Hildi Santo-Tomas [Curbed]