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New Orleans City Council Approves Massive Zoning Overhaul

It took four years of work, but it was really 40 years in the making: The New Orleans City Council on Thursday approved a massive overhaul of zoning regulations that have governed the city since the 1970s, according to The Advocate. The paper reports that the council's vote, reached at the 11th hour as residents pleaded to reverse some of the council's last-minute changes to the law, contains aspects both pleasing and not so pleasing to neighborhood and preservation leaders:
Neighborhood and preservation leaders lost a number of battles, such as over proposed "height bonuses" for some structures along the riverfront, but they won a few, such as the addition of language on the role of the Vieux Carre Commission in land-use decisions in the French Quarter.
Head on over to The Advocate for more details on the new law.
· Massive overhaul of New Orleans zoning regulations approved after four years of work, some 11th-hour changes [The Advocate]