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380-Foot Mural Might Cause Car Crashes

Unless you're cool with jumping fences, the only way to see "Remain in Light" — Joseph Konert's 380-foot mural painted, with permission, on the side of a Joule Solar Energy warehouse — is from New Orleans' I-10 in Mid-City. We're thinking the location of the mural might pose a traffic concern, as Konert's eye-catching work is sure to cause some rubbernecking. | The Times-Picayune's Doug McCash has the story on the mural that Konert, a muralist behind installations in Baton Rouge and the mural on the Magazine Street store National Art and Hobby, completed Wednesday, his 32nd birthday. "Remain in Light" took 10 days and around 700 cans of spray paint, and Konert believes it's the longest mural in New Orleans. While the work resembles jewel-toned bamboo stalks, he says it's an abstract reflection on his faith. Check out McCash's story and photos here, and a video interview with the artist here. If you want to see the mural for yourself, it's visible from I-10 at South Alexander Street in Mid-City. Just no Instagramming and driving.