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It's Official: Pontchartrain Beach Set to Reopen Next Spring

Earlier this week the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation asked the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East to allow it to lease Pontchartrain Beach, currently closed to the public, as a swimming area and nature preserve. WWL reports that in a meeting Thursday the Orleans Levee District approved signing the lease with the foundation, officially allowing the nonprofit to reopen the beach to the public, likely by next spring. New Orleans is getting its beach back!
The reopened Pontchartrain Beach isn't going to be as exciting as it was in its heyday; the foundation's goal is just to keep things simple and safe in the beginning, and then consider adding more features later. Maybe a few rides or a kitschy tiki restaurant to harken back to the old days? Check out the full report here, and maybe consider investing in some beach property.

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