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Mayor Wants to Make Kenner the New Destin

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Kenner — aka "America's City," aka "where the airport is" — is not really considered a destination, unless you're looking for a gigantic nouveau-riche home overlooking a golf course. But Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni would like to make it so: he's interested in taking the 15 acres of undeveloped land overlooking Lake Pontchartrain near Treasure Chest Casino into a Destin-like development with condos, a hotel and boardwalks, according to a report by Fox 8.

Yenni's administration recently worked with lawmakers to rezone the land from recreational to commercial to make way for this development. One issue that remains is hurricane protection, but Yenni says in the Fox report that the developments will be several stories high to protect the structures from flooding. One notable nugget from this report is that investors from Dubai, the world capital of over-the-top developments, are on board, as well as some local investors. A deal could be finalized by the end of the year, and construction could begin next year.

This news comes soon after news that Pontchartrain Beach is preparing to reopen and at the beginning of the year, Tipitina's and other developers begun to discuss developing lakefront property at New Orleans East into a 4.5 acre water park and outdoor concert-festival venue. Seems like the Greater New Orleans are is about to get way more Florida (albeit with less ideal swimming conditions).

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