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Is Old Metairie Real, Even?

Old Metairie: not so much a geographical place, but more of a feeling. As part of its NOLA Neighborhoods series, | The Times-Picayune is getting to the bottom of what, exactly, Old Metairie is — and so far it seems no one quite knows for sure. The first part of writer Adriane Quinlan's series on this tony part of the greater New Orleans area tried to pinpoint to the area's borders and found, among a few possibilities, that the borders could just be those of the mind — one resident quoted said the difference between Metairie and Old Metairie is "just an attitude."

In today's piece, Quinlan gets closer to pinpointing Old Metairie's exact confines with the help of Jefferson Parish Planning Director Terri Wilkinson, but discovers that there are maps out there showing four different boundaries for Old Metairie. Why is this so hard?

If you enjoy geeking out over maps and arbitrary neighborhood distinctions, there's one more piece scheduled about the real and imaginary borders of Old Metairie. Check out the rest of the neighborhood series here.

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