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$1,250/Month Gets You Pool, But Also Bunk Bed in Kitchen

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There are studio or "efficiency" apartments, then there are apartments where you get to sleep next to the stove — can we coin the word "deficiency" to describe these? While $1,250 a month for a studio apartment might be pennies in some bigger cities, it's still pretty expensive in New Orleans, especially when that's getting you a tiny French Quarter studio with dorm room amenities (mini fridge, tiny microwave) a bed that's in the kitchen — but it's not just any bed, it's a bunk bed to really amplify the claustrophobia. However, you do get access to a pool and a small balcony, and you're in the French Quarter, but this place still gives us anxiety. To compare, for $50 less a month you can get this beautiful Lower Garden District — which isn't too far from the Quarter — pad with exposed beams and bricks, an outdoor area, and adult-size kitchen appliances. Thanks to a reader named "Swagfag" for the Craigslist tip. ·$1250 Studio apartment for rent in French Quarter with pool (French Quarter) [Craigslist]
·$1200 / 1br - 1bed/1bath in Lower Garden District (New Orleans, Lower Garden District) [Craigslist]