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6 Beautiful Rentals in New Orleans Currently on the Market

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Craigslist and other rental sites can tend to feel like hellscapes while wading through pages of garishly furnished corporate rentals and creepy listings with unrealistic renderings and bad Photoshop jobs. But it's Renters Week and we're here to remind you of the diamonds in the (very) rough. Behold, six beauties on the New Orleans rental market right now.

↑ New Orleans architect Byron Mouton of BILD Design, oft featured in Dwell, designed this modern Carrollton two-bedroom, two bathroom. Rent is $3,200 and includes all utilities, even basic cable and Wi-Fi.

↑ This grand, Spanish-style home evokes even more grandeur by being located on a street called Versailles Boulevard in Fontainbleau. The four bed, four bath home has stained glass windows, sunrooms, both a screened porch and a sunroom, and is available to rent for $6,600.

↑ The opulent and spooky Luling Mansion, a seemingly out of place Italianate on a dead-end street in Mid-City abutting the Fair Grounds, is an object of mystery and some criticism. There's currently a one-bedroom, 1,100 square-foot unit available to rent at $1,200 a month.

↑ This pretty green two-bedroom, two-bathroom on Prytania (those scalloped tiles on the roof are mermaid-esque) got a total renovation in 2009. Inside, New Orleans architectural details mix with modern fixtures. You can rent it for $3,500 a month.

↑ We're digging the high ceilings in this Uptown home, especially in the dining room where there's plenty of bookshelves to fill. The two full bathrooms of the two-bedroom house are newly renovated, and there's a modern looking partial covering in the backyard. You can rent this lovely abode for $2,800.

↑ The hardwood floors gleam in this sunny Irish Channel half shotgun, which has separate entrances to bedrooms (yay!), exposed brick, 14-foot ceilings, a side porch and a huge backyard (that you have to share with the other tenant. And also, no pets allowed). The 1385-square-foot home is going for $2,000 a month.