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'Premier Luxury' Rental Seeks Grown-and-Sexy Tenant at $1,300/Month

Is your idea of luxury is coming home to a memory foam bed dressed in fine black linens, laying back on your Swarovski crystal-encrusted headboard (while trying not to bump your head on your low ceiling), and relaxing to the sight of a [DVD of] a roaring fireplace? If so, you — unless you're under the age of 25 — should check out this 650 square-foot palace of pure luxury we found on Craigslist.

The home, advertised as a "Premier Luxurious Property," seems more appropriate as a weird vacation rental (like this one), but is offering monthly rental at a whopping $1,300. But, you have to be at least 25 to rent this room — it might be too sexy for the young ones. This place has a suspended flat screen TV, "a king-sized temper medic [sic] mattress" and "California Swank" (is this code for something?) with Swarovski crystal on the headboard. The bathroom, naturally, has a black toilet. Photos of the house show a fire roaring on the flatscreen TV, which you can watch as your burn your money away on another rent check.

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