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Trash Palace Gets City Planning Commission Approval, Won't Affect Art Market

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A thing called the "Trash Palace," which is incidentally what I call my apartment on a bad day, got the thumbs-up from the City Planning Commission on Tuesday to convert an old brewery at the corner of Elysian Fields Avenue and Chartres Street into a 10,800-square-foot theater, office and retail space. According to the commission unanimously voted in favor of the space after the theater said it would cut down on the number of special events it is slated to host, and after the commission waved its requirement to have 67 parking spots. The Trash Palace will only have 26.

The original plans for the theater riled up vendors and fans of the very popular Frenchmen Art Market, since it originally planned to use part of the market space for parking and the theater's main entrance. But since then, the theater's developers have decided to leave the market alone. Thank goodness, because it's really fun to shop there when you're drunk.

The theater's events, which will include private parties and arts performances, will limit capacity to 600 people.

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