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Small and Quirky Carrollton House Asks $189K

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For that quirky, eclectic person in your life who aspires to have a giant vegetable garden and maybe owns a bird or two, this little gem (and we do mean little) in Carrollton would be right up his or her alley. At 836 square feet, this one-bedroom is pretty small, but the house is comes with a big lot next door and a key lot (enough room to "keep a boat," says the ad. Perfect). And oh, the charm! From the colorful exterior, to the tropical screened porch, this house is full of it. And yes, that does appear to be a bathtub in the living room [edit] bedroom, although we're assuming it's not functional [edit: it is functional]. The asking price? $189,000.

· 8518 Spruce St. []