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Laura Steffan's Instagram is NOLA Architecture Eye Candy

New Orleans, with its candy-colored houses, is an eminently Instagrammable city. New Orleans-based photographer Laura Steffan is one of our favorite people to follow for snaps of colorful homes around the city, and we're not her only fans: after Instagram selected her to be a suggested user on the app, her already strong follower base shot up to over 50 thousand.

The Mandeville native studied fine arts at University of New Orleans and has remained in the city ever since. About a year ago she started posting her photos of New Orleans homes she would spot on walks and bike rides, and the positive response motivated her to do more. When Instagram reached out to her about featuring her page a few weeks ago, her popularity hit a tipping point. Steffan's photos, which feature colorful homes in traditional New Orleans architecture styles (plus dogs on porches), are all taken and edited on her iPhone (she uses the app VSCO Cam).

Steffan is working on a book a softcover book of 70 photos of New Orleans homes, due out soon. It'll be available for sale on her website.

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