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New Orleans Boulder Lounge Has Bold, Color-Blocking Walls

I'm not a huge fan of trying — and usually failing — to hoist myself up one of those indoor rock climbing walls, especially while I'm dealing with the sounds of children's screams emanating from the birthday party rooms. Or while someone half my age beats me up aforementioned rock climbing wall. But anyway, I'm intrigued by New Orleans Boulder Lounge, a new rock climbing gym slated to open on Tchoupitoulas Street in the old Centennial Cotton Press building (next to which are some riverfront-facing luxury apartments). And yeah, the main reason might be the lounge's bold, color-blocking design.

The Vermont-based Leading Edge Climbing Walls designed the lounge's orange, teal and white walls. Other cool design details of the new space include a front desk made with wood the lounge said in a Facebook post was found in a Dumpster.

If you're also intrigued by this new space and want to get climbing, the lounge is hosting an opening day event July 18. There's also an article on today with more information about the gym.

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