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Airbnb Has Mirrored Walls, Glass Bathroom

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If you're a couple that likes to keep it sexy, an extreme narcissist, or want to experience what it might be like to live inside of a disco ball, you should consider booking this "Hollywood Bungalow" Airbnb for your next New Orleans vacation.

This room at The Mansion in the Lower Garden District, which the ad says is also a registered bed and breakfast, boasts floor-to-ceiling mirrors. It also has what the ad calls an "open concept" bathroom, which just means "completely visible" — you can yank a curtain over the toilet, but otherwise you get a relationship-building (or breaking) view of your partner using the facilities either through the shower's glass wall and reflected around the room in a million mirrors. If you're into that, the room's going for $199 a night.

· Hollywood Bungalow @ The Mansion [AirBnb]