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The Results Are in: Metairie Will Never Be Cool

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Yesterday we took a poll on this site asking a big question: Will Metairie ever be cool? It seems like it's heading in that direction, with the Trader Joe's announcement and all. Curbed readers sounded off, and here's what they said.

No, you do not think Metairie will ever be cool. However, the second most popular response was "maybe," so you're not completely ruling it out.

What's keeping Metairie from being cool? It's still a big concrete suburb after all. Reader Shannon Morley Milliken on Facebook commented, "Plant live oak trees along Veterans and Airline and put in a bike lane that the buses respect. Simple fixes to improve quality of life." Another reader, Kelsey Nibert, commented: "I'm from Houston and i drive down Vets to cure the occasional bout of homesickness. Works every time." Ooh, sick burn.

Oh well. Keep trying, Metairie.

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