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Ex-Domino Creative Director's Garden District "Chic Disaster" Turned Dream House

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Sara Ruffin Costello, former creative director of the cult design magazine Domino, and her photographer husband Paul live in New Orleans, and of course their home is a total beauty. T Magazine has a tour of the lovely peach-colored Gothic Italianate house, which the couple said they found in a state of "chic disaster."

The house is completely dreamy, but the corresponding interview totally wins at "New York-to-New Orleans Transplants Profiled in the New York Times Bingo." Like profiles before it, you can check off these boxes:

· You bought a crumbling mansion? Check.
· Mention of Solange Knowles? Check.
· Mention of wanting to escape the tedium of New York social obligations for the slower pace of New Orleans? Check check check.
· Romanticizing New Orleans' poor infrastructure? Check! ("When the electricity blinks on and off all summer, it's the best thing in the world.")

Other key takeaways from this interview:
· the Costellos' move to New Orleans was inspired by the hero flight attendant who quit his job by sliding down the plane's evacuation shoot
· the Costellos have nine chickens, all named Donut
· Reese Witherspoon "... has looked at real estate in the area." Yes please!

But really, stop everything you're doing, go look at this house, figure out how to befriend this couple and drink lemonade on their porch, completely chill about the upcoming hurricane season, while Donuts 1-9 cluck in the backyard.

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