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Here Are the Developers Bidding on Charity Hospital

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What's next for the long-abandoned art deco icon Charity Hospital? Since the state decided to build the $1.1 million swanky University Medical Center, the future role of Charity has been up for grabs. reports that five teams of developers submitted offers to the state July 1 to revamp the landmark.

The teams that submitted proposals are HRI Properties Inc. of New Orleans, the University of North Carolina School of Government, Matthews Southwest, CHR Partners LLC and Healing Minds NOLA.

While the state did not disclose content of the proposals from the out-of-town groups, we have some information from the two New Orleans developers. reports that HRI Properties — which has its hands in luxury apartments, hotels and low-income housing — is proposing a partnership with the state for a mixed-use development that would include:

· 450 apartments; · 260,000 square feet of medical office and research space;

· 10,000 square feet of retail, cafés and restaurants; and

· a 20,000-square-foot daycare with a 5,000-square-foot dedicated playground.

The Advocate has details about Healing Minds NOLA's proposal, which includes: a clinical and mental health research center, a long-term psychiatric and substance abuse in-patient facility, low-income housing and holistic healing programs.

Do you have any ideas or wishes for what the old Charity Hospital should be?

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