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The Curbed Guide to Dealing With This Hellish Heat Blanket

You may have thought it was pretty damn hot already, but now it's official: New Orleans' summer heat and humidity has reached actual emergency levels. So what do, besides shouting directly into the sun while pouring buckets of ice over your naked body? We've rounded up all of our beat-the-heat related content, from mapping the nearest pools in which to throw your sunburned body, to aspirational content we hope can mentally transport you to cooler places. Let's get through this summer together.

Get yourself into a pool. Probably the best thing you can do for yourself right now. We've mapped out the best places in New Orleans to do this, no made-up hotel room number or stealth required.

Have a staycation and make use of a hotel pool. Although it most definitely happens in this town, we're not going to advocate sneaking into hotel pools (but if that's the route you take, it wasn't our idea, OK?). This might be a good opportunity to book a room in a New Orleans hotel, make use of their wonderful hotel air conditioning and swanky pool. We've listed a few of our favorites here.

Have an imaginary pool party at a fancy house. Unless you can buy one of these places or know someone who can, you probably won't be able to splash around in the pool of one of these sweet pads on the market. But you can certainly pretend.

Watch this video of dogs swimming in their very own pool. It's quite soothing.

· Excessive heat blankets New Orleans, Baton Rouge; warning issued for St. Tammany []