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12-Ft. Wide Uptown House Gets Approval

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While one architect in town is looking at irregular lots in New Orleans as the perfect spot for tiny houses, another developer just got approval to continue building a house on a narrow lot Uptown. According to Uptown Messenger, developer Logistics Park LLC got permission from a zoning board to continue building a 12-foot-wide home on Chestnut Street.

The skinny house would be two stories, 12-feet, 10-inches wide, 65 feet long, and 28 feet tall, totaling at approximately 1,500 square feet.

The neighbors aren't too happy, though. Neighbors not so enamored with the charm of a skinny house have argued that there's not enough parking to accommodate another home, and that the small lot is really supposed to be a side lot for the adjacent home.

However, the city's Board of Zoning Adjustments ultimately allowed construction to continue. I guess they aren't so narrow minded.

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