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41,000-Sq.-Ft. Condo Planned for Warehouse District

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If you thought the Warehouse District/CBD couldn't get more condo-y, there might be more planned ahead. City Business reports (story is behind a paywall) that two buildings on O'Keefe Avenue in the Warehouse District would be slated for demolition to make way for a condo project in the area, according to a proposal submitted to the city's permitting office last month.

Plans submitted to the city call for a five-story, 41,000-square-foot condo building to go up at the corner of O'Keefe Avenue and Julia Street, right by the burgeoning South Market District. The Historic District Landmarks Commission's Architectural Review Committee still needs to vet the plan at a meeting later this month, but the proposal calls for the demolition demolition for two derelict wood-framed buildings at 746 and 752 O'Keefe Ave. and a single-story warehouse at 927 Julia St. The historic facade of a warehouse at 740 O'Keefe Ave. will be restored as part of the project.

The City Business article reports that the planned building will include 14 units with gardens, a fitness center, an 18-car parking garage on the ground level, and retail and office space on the ground floor. The firm behind the project is Waggonner and Ball Architects.

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