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Meet the Creationist Group Building a Life-Size Noah's Ark

In the rolling hills of rural Kentucky, a ship the length of nearly two football fields and the height of a five-story building slowly rises from the ground. This isn't just any ship, but Noah's Ark, as described in the Bible's book of Genesis.

"The Ark wall, according to the experts, was solid wood, pinned together and covered with pine tar," said LeRoy Troyer, the project's lead architect. "They think it was three to four feet thick." He picked up a heavy model of overlapping planks. The vessel, like an Amish barn, is being built with a technique called timber framing, which uses wooden pegs and joints in lieu of nails. Amish carpenters from Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are doing the bulk of the timber work.

"They think the construction took about 100 years," added Troyer. "So Noah had to have a lot of faith."

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