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This Uptown Couple Built a Swimming Pool for Their Dogs

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Ushering in the dog days of summer: two cute pups swimming in a pool their humans designed specifically for them. Dinah Rodgers documented these lucky Uptown dogs in a video for
Uptown couple Gene and Steve Goldring designed the pool specially for their dogs Noodle and Traveler to play in. The pool has a gradually sloping entrance and shallow steps to make it easier for the doggies to get swimming. Watching the one-and-half minute-long video of these swimming dogs having a grand ol' time is quite soothing on this disgusting summer day.

No word on if the humans who live at this house also enjoy this pool, or if this is exclusively a dog pool. If you're looking for pools that are definitley for humans, be sure to check out our handy New Orleans pool map.

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