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With Trader Joe's Arriving, Could Metairie Be ... Cool?

The most important news of the week is the announcement that New Orleans will get its first location of the universally loved purveyor of organic goods and dirt-cheap wine Trader Joe's in spring 2016. Well, Metairie — specifically an empty lot on a relatively quiet patch of Veterans Boulevard — will get it. Does this mean that "New Orleans' best suburb" can one day be cool, and not just the place you go to when you need something from Target?

There are a few signs pointing toward Metairie's recent coolness that, with Trader Joe's eventual arrival, seems likely to continue:

1. Jefferson Parish councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng has been trying to make Cool Metairie a thing for a minute now, and has had some successes (it's because of her that Metairie is even getting a Trader Joe's). Revitalizing Fat City, the part of Metairie that used to be known as "Little Bourbon Street" because of its nightlife spots (stripclubs), has been her pet project, and recently the area got its own murals. Everyone knows public art = Instagram photos and Instagram = cool.

2. ... and speaking of Fat City, that area has some really good ethnic restaurants. Ethnic food = cool.

3. Metairie is part of Jefferson Parish, and Jefferson was the first parish in the state — before Orleans — to issue a gay marriage license. Gay marriage = cool.

But there are many things that make Metairie not cool: it doesn't like Uber (but neither did Orleans at first), so many chains (Trader Joe's, as cool as it is, is obviously a chain), it's more difficult to walk and bike to things there, and, although rent/home prices are cheaper, the architecture is not as interesting.

Take our poll below and tell us in the comments what you think about Metairie's coolness. Is there another suburb you think is cooler?

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