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News With a Twist Looks Inside the Irish Channel 'Tiny' House

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New Orleans' wacky news television show News With a Twist has a feature on the first of architect Jonathan Tate and developer Charles Rutledge's tiny houses they plan to build on irregular lots around the city.

The tiny house — which the duo prefers to refer to as a "starter" home, probably to communicate that they're doing this not in the name of architectural whimsy but as affordable housing in sought-after neighborhoods — is 900 square-feet, and at about nine-and-a-half feet wide is "narrow but gracious." A bedroom upstairs looks out onto the river, and there's a loft area for an office or "sleepover space." Overall, the house is surprisingly spacious.

The report has no word on how much the house will cost or when it'll hit the market.

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