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Why is This Marigny Camelback House Asking $1.1M?

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The listing for this Marigny camelback does not have any interior photos, so for all we know the floor could be made of solid gold. But doesn't $1,100,000 for this place seem a little high?

To compare, for that price you can get this gold leaf-ceiling'd mansion with a sweet pool in Fontainebleau or a house with a small church in the backyard next to Audubon Park.

This blue rectangle house, about a block away from the New Orleans Healing Center and co-op on St. Claude Avenue, gives you 3,200 square feet of space (so that's $344/square foot), four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Is this crazy talk, or is this area really that in demand?

· 2532 N. Rampart St. []
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