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Brad Pitt Feels 'Fantastic' About Make it Right, Is Thrilled About Your Low Energy Bill

Even with this recent onslaught of Katrina 10-year-anniversary think pieces (we even took a crack at one, too!), there was a question that — personally — was still on my mind: How does Brad Pitt feel about Make it Right? He feels "fantastic" about it, according to an interview with Doug MacCash Thank God.
If you live in the Make it Right village, there's a chance that Mr. Pitt might even come over and casually check up on you.

"I drive into the neighborhood and I see people on their porch," Pitt said, "and I ask them how is their house treating them? And they say, 'Good.' And I say what's your utility bill? And they'll throw something out like, '24 bucks' or something, and I feel fantastic. It's a reminder of why we're there. It's a reminder of why we push like we push. It makes it all worthwhile." The one question this interview does not answer: What's going on with Brangelina's real estate situation? Have they found that "off-the-beaten-path" neighborhood they're looking for? The interview does say that Pitt will "surely will be returning to New Orleans sometime in the future to film."

Head on over to for more of Brad Pitt's feelings.

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