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Rob Ryan's Uptown Home as Disappointing as the Saints, According to Lawsuit

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Rob Ryan is claiming in a lawsuit that his Uptown home has caused him and his wife "inconvenience, aggravation, anguish and expense" — which are incidentally the top four emotions felt during a typical Saints game. The Advocate reports that the Saints defensive coordinator is suing several parties involved with the couple's Uptown "dream house that quickly turned into a nightmare." Based on what the Ryans are claiming, the situation at 1111 Webster St. is a Money Pit-esque comedy of errors, but those facing the allegations say the Ryans are inventing these problems in order to sell the house at a big profit.

The Ryans bought the $2.1 million Greek Revival house in May 2013, hoping that the new construction would spare them the headaches of your typical grand New Orleans fixer-upper. Oh, but they were so, so wrong (allegedly)! Some of the most hilarious alleged problems with the house, as outlined in the lawsuit:

· After workers came by to do some repairs, "one bathroom emerged from renovations without cabinets, a sink, a mirror or baseboards."
· "Misaligned doors opened or closed on their own — or refused to do either." (That might be a ghost problem, bud)
· "The back porch lacked railings, and 'on at least one occasion, someone fell off.'"

LaSalle School LLC, who built and sold the house, claim that the allegations were invented so the Ryans could manipulate them into buying back the home at a big profit.

Well, at least through this (alleged) experience, Rob should understand what every Saints season is like for New Orleans football fans — an endless stream of calamity and embarrassment, with the strong possibility of throwing yourself off a balcony.

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