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Revamping and Living In a 'Love Project' of a House in New Orleans

To mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, this week Curbed is looking at how the housing, architecture, and neighborhoods of New Orleans have changed since the storm. Here, the second in a series of House Calls at renovated New Orleans properties.

How Amanda Helm found and purchased her St. Roch home is, as she puts it, a "classic New Orleans story."

"We run into this guy, Shelton, on the street, and he's like, I have this house on St. Roch, but it's under contract by word of mouth; you guys go take a look, and I'll show it to you if you think you're interested. So we drove past, and we're like, oh my gosh: this thing's amazing. But it's on this side of St. Claude, which was, four years ago, much different than it is today. We said we want to see the inside, but we didn't want to fall in love with the house."

Two days later, they saw the house >>