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Here's Your Hurricane Katrina 10-Year Anniversary Weekend Reading Round-Up

There's been quite a bit of Katrina 10-year anniversary longreads on the web this week, and you're probably overwhelmed with keeping up with them (or you're ignoring them altogether. Which is fine.) We here at Curbed have decided to round up all the pieces — and one radio program — about housing issues, the arts, rebuilding efforts and other relevant topics for you to dive into this weekend.

· NYC to NOLA: New Yorkers trade Gotham for life in the Big Easy. Yes, it's another slightly annoying article about brave New Yorkers who move to quieter and cheaper New Orleans, but it features New Orleans native Bryan Batt whom we're a big fan of. [New York Post]

· A Tale of Two New Orleans. John Stanton's searing piece on gentrification asks if New Orleans' post-Katrina development comes at the cost of its city's rich culture. [Buzzfeed]

· Ten Years After Katrina, New Orleans Museums Reckon With Recovery. "How, too, can museums and contemporary art help people think critically and constructively about the post-Katrina decade?" [New York Times]

· Outpouring from thousands of volunteers helped raise homes, spirits The story focuses on the faith communities and secular nonprofits that literally lent a hand to help rebuild New Orleans. [The Advocate]

· New Orleans public housing remade after Katrina. Is it working? "That December 2007 meeting in which the council voted 7-0 to demolish the so-called "big four" housing complexes erupted into chaos as police officers used pepper spray and Tasers to push back a crowd of protesters who tried to force their way into the packed council chambers." []

· In New Orleans: Becoming the Demo Diva. The WYNC radio show "Death, Sex & Money" published a Katrina series this week, and this episode features Simone Bruni started Demo Diva, a demolition company geared towards women, after Katrina. [WYNC]

· Curbed Eye on New Orleans Series. The national version of Curbed published a series of Katrina-related stories this week. Stories include "house call" features with post-Katrina renovations, a story with interviews with New Orleanians from 15 neighborhoods, and one about the symbolism of FEMA's Katrina X's that remain on some homes. [Curbed]

· Hurricane Katrina 10-Year Anniversary: A Guide to Restaurant Coverage. Eater rounded up pieces on New Orleans' post Katrina restaurant scene. [Eater NOLA]