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The Edison Bulb: Illuminating Trend Or Overexposed Lighting?

Before mason jar glasses, before old-time fonts creeped onto menus, before the heady early days of reclaimed wood, our forefathers in nostalgic design lit the way, like a mustachieod Prometheus peering out into the dark depths of a "moody" restaurant interior, with the flicker of an Edison Bulb. It's easy to look back at the beginning of the trend from the safe distance of 2015, when the concept of exposed, raw materials and similarly raw, exposed filaments, seemed to be more than a novelty or a hop onto the bulb bandwagon, but a genuine return to authenticity and a rejection of artifice (side note: remember the first time you went into a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, had an old fashioned Old Fashioned, and thought, yeah, this is pretty damn cool). Well, those days are long gone, friend.

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