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Filed under: Shows Where New Orleanians Migrated Post-Katrina

Hurricane Katrina forced out many of New Orleans' longtime residents, and in the years after the storm many new residents moved in. published an interactive map illustrating this massive diaspora, as well as the influx of transplants — using Internal Revenue Service records, the paper shows where families relocated to, and from where the post-Katrina wave of transplants are coming.

Not surprising, the most number of New Orleanian families relocated to Harris County, Texas, the home of Houston, in the year after the storm — more than 22,500 households, to be exact. By 2011, though, the city saw an influx of 3,167 households: "7,668 households moved away, while 10,835 moved in," the article posted with the map says. Among those, "nearly 1,100 arrived from Houston. Hundreds arrived from New York, Georgia and California."

The article also says the city's population of 384,320 is still less than 80 percent of the 2000 U.S. Census count of more than 484,600, but it's up from the post-storm count of 230,172.

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