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103-Sq.-Ft. French Quarter Apartment Asks $179K

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As the tiny living trend slowly takes over New Orleans, here's a micro-dwelling in the French Quarter — although this is probably meant more for a vacation pad, not as a year-round residence. The space, right at the foot of Pirate's Alley, is 103 square feet and has no kitchen that we can see (it seems like the closest thing to do it as a dorm-size mini fridge shoved in a corner).

A slightly larger (192 square feet) and more efficient unit in this building, part of the Vignie Houses, came up on the market earlier this year. Although we couldn't see a normal person living here year-round, even with all the clever Ikea storage in the world, maybe if you love the French Quarter and hate to cook, this might be the place for you.

· 715 Royal St Apt F []