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Are Pricey Furnished Rentals Taking Over Craigslist?

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During our daily perusals of Craigslist (that's where all the fun stuff is, you know) we've noticed a trend: it seems like the whole apartment rental section is flooded with expensive, tricked-out furnished rentals (also advertised as "corporate rentals").

While this is nothing new, and these flashy rentals have commanded much more than what we've seen recently — like this $8,000 a month Bayou St. John three-bedroom, for example — it seems like they're ubiquitous on the rental site lately. We've seen this $5,500/month two-bedroom "luxury loft" on Jackson Avenue near Magazine Street, a $5,900/month four-bedroom in the "By-water," and this $12,000/month, four-bedroom Nashville Avenue "compound."

Chances are these pricey, well-furnished rentals are catering to the celebs in town filming movies and TV shows — the Emma Roberts of the world gotta live somewhere. These rentals do provide some serious eye candy, and fodder for fan fiction about how the other half lives, but do you think these rentals — decidedly not for locals looking for apartments — belong on Craigslist, or should they be reserved for some fancy service exclusively for well-heeled clients?

And by the way, if you know of any celebs living in the corporate rental on your block, you can drop us an anonymous tip here.

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