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Price on Grand Esplanade Avenue Mansion Reduced to $2.6M

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After being on the market for about six months, the price on this Esplanade Avenue grand dame is down to only $2,600,000 (it was originally listed at $2,800,000). Within these four stories of grandeur are Corinthian columns under ornate archways in the double parlor and 16-foot ceilings with original medallions. There's a huge master bathroom, which doesn't have tile or any of the trappings of a normal bathroom, fit for spending hours primping. The 6,319 square-foot manse (which includes a separate apartment) is on the corner of Esplanade and Chartres on the French Quarter side of the Marigny, making for prime people watching on your lace iron railed balconies. · 600 Esplanade Ave. []