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Another Instagram to Follow: New Orleans Abandonments

Recently we suggested some New Orleans people you should follow on Instagram, and here's one more for the list: New Orleans Abandonments (@abandonednola), an account largely consisting of aggregated photos that lets you trespass without any of the danger.

The account is run by a photographer known as Simi (@theshortestsim), a self-proclaimed "chemist by day, adventure seeker by night," who reposts photos of abandoned spots and old buildings in New Orleans.

While many of the locations featured are pretty recognizable, like everyone's favorite spot for abandonment porn, Six Flags New Orleans, or the pre-restoration Orpheum Theater, the one rule of the account is that locations must remain secrets. Users can submit their photos by using the hashtag #abandonednola or #AN_street, but locations must be left off. "You name drop, I don't feature," says the account's bio. The first rule of abandoned locations is you do not talk about abandoned locations.

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