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Condos Planned Near Foot of Piety Street Bridge

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MK Red, the team developing the Bakers Row condos at the old Hubig's Pie factory site, is planning to build luxury condos at near the foot of the Piety Street bridge to Crescent Park, according to Canal Street Beat. The as-of-yet-unnamed project at 3200 Chartres St. will include a 55 feet-tall building with 16 luxury condo units.

The estimated $8 million project will feature a "modern design" and will include 1600 square feet of ground floor retail, "ideally a coffee shop." Amenities will include a pool and fitness center, sweet river views, and potentially a "living green wall" (a la Joshua Bruno). MK Red will appear in front of the Architectural Review Committee today with the initial concept.

Also brewing — or, in Sean Cummings' words, "percolating" — in the Bywater is Ekistic's latest mixed-use project, which is set to go up along the Press Street railroad tracks. The project will not be on the dais at today's City Planning Commission meeting, when the city's other big apartment projects are being considered, because Cummings wants more time to "adjust his plans for planning staff for the commercial retail space planned for the site."

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