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Preview Homes on the Coliseum Square Association House Tour

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With the weather getting nicer, what better thing to do than go outside and poke around strangers' gorgeous homes? The Coliseum Square Association announced their upcoming tour of homes in the Lower Garden District, happening Oct. 18. Here's the homes you will be legally allowed to walk around in for a day.

456 Camp St. The current home of realtor Bryan Francher, this was once the Sophie B. Wright Institute and later the Catherine Club, which served as safe housing for young career women in the 1940s.

1472 Camp St. The double veranda Italianate townhouse was built in 1869.

1544 Camp St. The condo of Andrew E. Nelson, National Geographic Traveler writer and Loyola University professor, is housed in an 1857 mansion.

1428 Polymnia St. An early 20th Century double recently converted to a single by Frank and Michelle Lopiccolo.

1133 Margaret Place. Built in the 1850s, this is the home of architect Trenton Gauthier.

More information on the home tour here. In other home tour news, today took us inside the French Quarter party pad that was the New Orleans retreat of William S. Burroughs to preview the Navy League Home Tour coming up Oct. 4.

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