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Old Arabi, New Bywater?

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People have said for a while that as Bywater becomes pricier, bohemia will begin to gravitate farther down St. Claude to Arabi, a part of St. Bernard Parish. Now, reports that plans are in the works to create a more defined arts and entertainment district in the historic Old Arabi, as well as a walkable, mixed-used neighborhood along the Mississippi River.

Stemming from St. Bernard Parish's first-ever comprehensive master plan adopted last year, the plan wants to emulate the development happening on the St. Roch, Marigny and Bywater parts of St. Claude Avenue — that means more focus on live music, arts and theater venues, and fewer automotive shops, pawn shops and check-cashing businesses. It would allow for small neighborhood businesses, like bakeries, bookstores and coffee shops, to exist in a residential stretch of the area.

As for the riverfront, the plans seek to prevent industrial development in favor of commercial, mixed-use buildings.

A public meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8 will "provide a recap on the proposal, present some recent changes and clarifications, and continue to solicit suggestions from the public." The meeting location is the St. Bernard Parish Council Chambers on 8201 W. Judge Perez Drive.

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