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Treme's Rathbone Mansions Hit the Market, Ask $3.2M

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[Photos courtesy Corporate Realty]

The 160-plus-year-old Rathbone Mansions, now a hotel at 1244 and 1227 Esplanade Avenue in Treme, are available to buy as a pair for a cool $3,200,000. For that you get 18,688 square feet, 25 rooms and 25 bathrooms, plus a pool and poolside bar. According to the listing, the mansion at 1244 Esplanade was one of the first homes to be owned by a free woman of color. The house at 1127 Esplanade is a Greek Revival style and was once known "as a mecca for New Orleans society, both Creole and American."

· 1244 Esplanade Ave. [Realtor]